What Our Clients Say… In Their Own Words

Hair Restoration Clients Testimonials and Comments

Over the years, thousands of formerly balding men and women have had their lives changed through the remarkable hair replacement and restoration artistry of Santangelo Hair Replacement in Buffalo, New York. At Santangelo Hair Replacement, our highest priority is client satisfaction, along with providing the finest hair replacement and hair restoration programs available. Hair loss and thinning hair can have devastating effects on a persons life, their self-esteem, their relationships, and even their livelihood.

Our clients are people just like you: men and women suffering from hair loss and thinning hair, as well as all the related problems and issues that accompany hair loss.  We are always gratified when we receive letters and emails such as these from our clients who share with us their feelings of renewed self-confidence and happiness.


Quotes from client’s emails to us:

Client had surgical hair transplants with Dr. Agnesi in February 2013.

Thank you and Dr. Agnesi’s team’s help yesterday for my surgery. Everything was 100% profesional and exceeded all my expectations.” – Jeff


Client had surgical hair transplants with Dr. Agnesi in February 2013.

“I just wanted to thank you Vicki, Dr. Nick and the crew for making my operation as comfortable and smooth as possible. I’m quite excited for the months to come!” – Sean


Client had non-surgical hair replacement with us starting in 2010.  

“I have been very happy with the whole system process.  The hair stylists have been great.  The system feels very natural and no one notices that is a system.  I have told some people and chose not to tell others.  That is the beauty of the system…no one knows you have it except for you and your Stylist if that’s the way you want it!  I now have great hair thanks to Santangelo’s!” – Catherine S.


Client had non-surgical hair replacement with us in November 2011.

“I have been meaning to drop you a note. I love it!  Wish I had done this a long time ago!  It’s so easy to take care of compared to that other thing I had on.It really has made a difference in my life for the positive. The other piece was looking so bad I did not want to do things and I am a very outgoing social person.  So thank you for all your help with this.  Also Jessica is a doll.” – Christine


Client had surgical hair transplants with Dr. Agnesi in November 2011. 

“I just wanted to thank you and the Dr. Agnesi’s staff for making the procedure as painless and pleasant as possible.”  – Mike


Client had non-surgical hair replacement in October 2011.

“Got my hair system delivered yesterday. Everyone so far likes what they see and say it looks very natural. I’m happy with it. Jessica is great and does a really nice job and is very concerned that clients walk away happy. You’re lucky to have her as an employee. Thank you for your help with this and making this rather hard personal decision a lot easier.” – Kevin


Client had surgical hair transplants in August 2010.

“I am very happy with how everything went. Santangelo and Dr. Agnesi did a great job!” – Nick


Client had surgical hair transplants February 2010.

“Coming to see you was the best thing I ever did, you guys gave me my self-confidence back and changed my life. It was December before I really noticed the full effects, but I am more than pleased. I can’t thank you guys enough.” – Jennifer

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