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6.1.20 We are excited to announce we will be reopening with phase two tomorrow!! If you had an appointment that got cancelled due to the shutdown we will be contacting you, please wait for us to call you. If you did not have an appointment booked and are in need you can call us Tuesday-Wednesday 10-6 Friday 11-6 and Saturday 9-4. We have new procedures and policies in place to ensure everyone’s safety so we ask that you bear with us and be patient. Can’t wait to see you all soon !

7.1.18 Getting married? Considering extensions? Follow these tips:  Wedding day hair extensions

6.1.18 Learn what vitamins you need to boost hair growth  Vitamins that boost hair growth

5.1.18 Diabetes and hair loss. How Does Diabetes Cause Hair Loss?

4.1.18 Do you suffer from Trichotillomania or know someone who is?: What to Know and What Not to Say

3.1.18 To wash your hair, or not to wash your hair, get the facts: Hair washing facts

2.1.18 Are you a new mom experiencing hair loss? Learn why and what you can do to regain your hair Postpartum and hair loss

1.1.18 Welcome 2018 with a new you!: New Year, New You

12.1.17 See how reducing holiday stress can give you healthier hair: Healthy hair by reducing holiday stress

11.1.17 Breast cancer: How a wig can make you feel better: Breast cancer and wigs

10.1.17 Learn how your diet can effect hair loss: Dietary deficiencies that can cause hair loss

9.1.17 Celebrities and hair transplants: Can you spot a hair transplant?

8.1.17 Coconut oil, does it really work to fix damaged hair? Learn the facts about coconut oil

7.1.17 Can certain medications cause hair loss? Medications that can cause hair loss

6.1.17 Hair loss related to motherhood. See how to deal with hair loss and motherhood: Hair loss options

5.1.17 Could your pillowcase be causing your hair loss?? Get the answer here: What could be causing your hair loss?

4.1.17 Want longer, thicker hair? What you need to know about hair extensions: Hair Extension Information

3.1.17 Diabetes and hair loss, get the facts: Q&A about diabetes and hair loss

2.1.17 Does your hair loss make you look older than you are? See how we can help you look and feel younger: Bryan before & after

1.1.17 It’s a new year! Time for a new you? Let us help! Camerin Before & After

12.1.16 Do you have dandruff? Learn what causes it: Three causes of dandruff

11.1.16 Do you suffer from Trichotillomania? Your not alone and we can help! No shame, no blame :Trichotillomania

10.1.16 See how eating an excess of healthy food can cause hair loss: Healthy foods that can cause hair loss

9.1.16 Do you have hair loss due to scalp psoriasis? See how we can help: Scalp psoriasis treatment options

8.1.16 Can social media and smartphones cause teenage alopecia? Gets the facts: How social media & smartphone can cause teenage alopecia

7.1.16 Learn the facts about men’s hair loss: Men’s hair loss facts and myths

6.1.16 Find out how to combat stress and Trichotillomania:

5.1.16 You don’t have to be famous to find a hair loss solution:

4.1.16 Do you suffer from Trichotillomania? See how we can help:

3.1.16 Transform your look instantly with a beautiful wig or hair addition!http:/

2.1.16 10 facts and myths you need to know about hair loss:

1.1.16 Male pattern baldness, your not alone! :

12.1.15 What are the 5 common conditions that cause hair loss? Find out here:

11.1.15 Genetic or stress? What caused your hair loss?

10.1.15 Trump & Hair loss, real or fake? Find out here: http:/

9.1.15 Suffering from hair pulling? You are not alone:

8.1.15 Find out how to get your hair ready for summer!:

7.1.15 Do you find yourself counting every hair that falls out? Let us help:

6.1.15 Is it true that you can go bald by wearing a hat? Get the facts:

5.1.15 Spring is in the air! Its time to change your hair care: http://spring-time-is-the-optimal-time-for-a-change-in-hair-care/

4.1.15 If you are suffering from Alopecia? Click here to get more information:

3.1.15 Do you have thinning hair? This is what you should do:

12.1.14 Myths about hair loss. Get the facts:

11.1.14 Proof that hair replacement can look real! See for yourself:

10.1.14 Trichotillomania Awareness Week. Read more about this hair loss disorder:

9.1.14 You are not alone! Emotional Stages of Hair Loss:

8.1.14 Childhood Hair Loss – Hair loss in children, childhood Alopecia, is a very real issue that is misunderstood by many. Get the facts here:

6.18.14 Don’t let hair loss stop you from doing what you love. Laura Dasi, an America’s Got Talent Contestant chose to perform an aerial act on the show to prove to herself that she deserved to be seen. Check out her inspiring story!

5.1.14 TRANSPLANT SPECIAL!! http:archive.constantcontact/fr103/1102382266112/archive/1117259428761.html

4.1.14 Need a way to spend your tax refund? Check out all the ways to save!http://archive.constantcontact/fs103/1102382266112/archive/1116991313114.html

3.1.14 Spring is in the air!!! Invest in yourself!http:archive.constantcontact/fs103/1102382266112/1116678758318.html

2.1.14 Santangelo’s would like to welcome Megan & Kelsey to our team. Megan is currently training with our hair restoration specialists and has 4 years experience as a hair stylist. Kelsey has joined our front desk team and is a great addition to Santangelo’s. Welcome Megan & Kelsey!! Check out our Facebook page for more information on Kelsey & Megan: Our Facebook Page

1.1.14 Happy New Year! This year stick to your resolution and get the hair you have always wanted! Contact Vicki today to get started.

12.1.13 Santangelo’s is proud to announce that our General Manager and consultant, Vicki Kehr, has been chosen as the new Administrator for Transitions International Group. Transitions international Group is an elite group of independent hair loss professionals helping men and women restore their hair and restore their lives. As the Administrator Vicki will ensure that the organization operates efficiently and will handle many different people and situations within the organization in an effort to grow the organization and take it to the next level. in addition, Vicki will continue to work as the General Manager and consultant for Santangelo’s. Congratulations Vicki!

11.5.13 Santangelo’s just returned from the Transitions International Group conference in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It was such an informative weekend networking and swaping “trade secrets” with other Hair Replacement Clinics from all over the country!

11.1.13 Our new Laser Therapy options have helped many people that are experiencing hair loss. Get started today to get the hair you have always wanted!

10.1.13 Check out our NEW, MORE AFFORDABLE Laser Hair Therapy option! :

9.1.13 Do you have the hair you want for the holidays? Let us help!:

8.1.13 See how you can save $100

7.1.13 Meet the newest member of our Santangelo’s team!

6.15.13 Now offering NEW, MORE AFFORDABLE Laser Hair Therapy options!

6.1.13 Get the hair you have always wanted!

5.24.13 Last chance for summer savings on transplants!

5.1.13 Hair transplant special!

4.1.13 Looking for a way to spend your tax refund??

3.1.13 All hair care products are Buy 1, get 1 50% OFF

2.28.13 Looking for a way to spend your tax refund? INVEST IN YOURSELF!

1.1.13 Happy New Year! Santangelo’s just received a new shipment of iGrow Hair Rejuvenation Systems. NOW OFFERING A 6 MONTH MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!! Click on the link to find out more about iGrow. or call Vicki at 716.681.7120716.681.7120

12.1.12 Our holiday gift certificate special is back!!! Click on the link below:

11.19.12 Check out our Black Friday/Cyber Monday Gift Certificate Special! Click on the link below:

10.2.12 Santangelo’s sends Vicki Kehr, General Manager & Consultant, to Las Vegas for advanced training in non-surgical hair replacement.

9.05.12 – New post on, read it now to learn more about the Santangelo’s difference when it comes to customer service in the hair replacement industry.

9.04.12 – Stylists from Santangelo’s take 2nd place in competition at the Erie County Fair. Read the coverage in the Cheektowaga Bee.

8.01.12 – Reallusions makes it’s National debut, watch the segment now.

7.05.12- Reallusions, the hair system line offered exclusively at Santangelo’s in Western New York, will be featured on national television this month. Read our latest blog post to learn more.

7.01.12 – Santangelo’s is pleased to welcome Sandy D. to our team.  Sandy has over 14 years experience and will be specializing in haircuts and styling, nail services and hair replacement.  Please join us in welcoming her to our team.

5.29.12 – New blog post at buffalohairloss.comIs it time to pursue a hair loss solution?

5.09.12 – New blog post at – Client success story with laser hair therapy.

4.29.12 – New product announcement – Santangelo’s is proud to offer The Victoria, a top of the head hair extension.  Learn more.

4.01.12 – Santangelo’s sends, Vicki Kehr, to receive advanced training in non-surgical hair replacement at the Hair Academy in Florida.

3.20.12 – New blog post at

2.08.12 – New blog post at

11.17.11 – New blog post at  Check it out!

11.15.11 – Santangelo’s took part in this year’s Transitions International Conference held in Toronto, Canada on November 6, 7 & 8.  Transitions is a group of hair replacement professionals known to be some of the best in the industry and Santangelo’s is the only studio in Western New York that was granted membership.  During the conference, hair replacement experts from studios across the world were represented sharing ideas, industry trends and more.

6.20.11 – The iGrow Laser is now at Santangelo’s.  You’ve seen it on CBS and in The New York Times, now see it at Santangelo’s.  Contact Jennifer to learn more about how you can get the iGrow Laser for a great price!

4.11.11 – NOW HIRING! View our job posting and apply today!

2.14.11 – It’s official Santangelo’s now has a blog to offer you even more information on hair loss and hair loss solutions.  Visit to check it out today!

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