Surgical Hair Restoration: The Permanent Solution to Hair Loss for Men and Women

SURGICAL HAIR TRANSPLANTS, like all other plastic surgeries, is an art. It requires an expert surgeon like Dr. Nick Agnesi, with over 12 years of experience and a trained hand to create the most natural appearing results that are undetectable to even the most critical eye.

At Santangelo’s, we realize that every patient has unique needs and desires. Therefore, each patient’s hair transplant plan is customized based on age, hair type, general health, degree of hair loss and overall expectations.

Dr. Nick Agnesi is renowned for his keen aesthetic sense in performing hair transplants and his exceptional surgical skills.

Surgical Hair Restoration: Our Philosophy

Our basic philosophic approach begins with a time-honored idea: “Do one thing and do it well.” We don’t do face lifts, tummy tucks, breast implants, etc. Our clinic concentrates our energies on performing the best hair transplantation procedures possible.

Surgical Hair Transplantation for Women

Hair transplants for women are growing in popularity.  The transformation in the appearance of a woman who has had the procedure can be quite dramatic and we welcome both male and female hair transplant clients.

Client testimonial: “Coming to Santangelo’s was the best thing I ever did, you guys gave me my self-confidence back and changed my life” – Female transplant client, Jennifer G.,  1 year post-op.

The Facts About Surgical Hair Transplantstestim1


Hair transplantation is simply the transferring of hair from a “permanent” area of the scalp to another area in which hair has fallen out due to heredity or some other cause. This “permanent” hair is harvested in the form of a narrow “strip” of tissue. Then, follicular units consisting of 1 to 3 hairs are separated under microscopic magnification. The follicular units are then inserted into small incisions placed in the area needing additional hair.


Yes. The transplanted hair is removed from one area of the body (donor site) which has been genetically pre-programmed to produce healthy hair for a lifetime. Then using magnification, follicular unit grafts containing one, two, three are meticulously transferred called “planting” into the bald or thinning areas the recipient site.

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Dr. Nick Agnesi’s outstanding medical and surgical staff is thoroughly trained in all hair transplant techniques.

Exceptional Patient Care

We place the highest priority on technical quality and personalized patient services. We extend every courtesy and accommodation to our clients and patients to ensure a pleasant, comfortable, and safe hair restoration procedure that will give them the hair they want and expect.

Have you had a bad experience with a hair transplant procedure?  Dr. Agnesi can help!

From time to time, we see clients that had a hair transplant procedure years ago when getting “plugs” was popular.  As time passes and the client looses more hair, the procedure becomes detectable because of the size of the grafts.  Dr. Agnesi can work around a procedure like this to make your hair transplant look natural and discrete again.  To find out if you are a candidate to improve the work you’ve previously had done by another Surgeon, call or click below for a free consultation.